Terms of condition


1. The agreement.
Always read our terms of purchase for e-commerce at Tanstore.no. When you make a purchase you accept our terms of purchase and a binding agreement is entered into between Tan Store AS and you as a customer. Please note that the terms of purchase are subject to change and sholud therfore be read every time you make a purchase from Tan Store. The agreement is considered to be made when Buyer sends the order to Seller via the payment page.

2. Introduction
This purchase is governed by the following standard terms of sale for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. Consumer purchases here mean the sale of goods to consumers who do not primarily
act as part of a business activity, and when the seller acts in a business activity with the sale of goods over the Internet. The contract is drawn up and recommended.

3. The parties

Company Name: Tan Store AS
Org number: 916 655 282
Contact address: Sørems veg 18, 9006 Tromsø, Norway

The buyer is the person who makes the order and is hereinafter referred to as the buyer / buyer

4. Rates
The prices, which are stated in the online store, exclude VAT.

For Europe, information on the total costs the buyer must pay, exclude VAT, customs duties, etc, and include delivery costs (shipping, postage, invoice fee, packaging etc.) and specification.
We reserve the right to price changes and price errors on products.

We make reservations about errors in our inventory. If we are missing any of the items you have ordered, credit the missing item(s), possibly delete
the order if we are unable to deliver any of the items.

Discount Coupons:
Discount codes apply to ordinary goods and not to already discounted goods. Some discount codes are personal and we reserve the right to reject any sale and deactivated discount codes if we suspect
abuse. A maximum of one discount code per order is allowed.

All offers are valid as long as the stock is sufficient and within the time frame that is informed in our marketing. For special offers that have a requirement to include an item on the purchase,
these requirements must be maintained. If you return goods that do not comply, we will charge you for the product's fair value.

5. Entering into an agreement
The agreement is binding on both parties when the buyer's order is received by the seller.

However, one party is not bound by the agreement if there is a typo or typo in the offer from the seller in the ordering solution in the online store or in the buyer's order, and the other party
realized or should have realized that there was such a mistake.

6. Payment
With us we have 1 payment methods:

 Paypal - If you use a credit card or debit card when paying, the purchase amount is deducted on the card the same day the order is made.

7. Delivery etc.
Delivery of the goods from the seller to the buyer takes place in the manner, at the place and at the time specified in the order solution in the online store.

If delivery time is not stated in the ordering solution, the seller shall deliver the goods to the buyer within a reasonable time and no later than 30 days after the order from the customer, normally
from 1-5 working days. If the seller is to arrange for the goods to be sent to the buyer, he is obliged to have the goods shipped to the destination in a suitable manner and under normal conditions for such transport. The place of destination is with the buyer
unless otherwise specifically agreed between the parties.

The methods we use are:

 1. All orders cost 19Euro in shipping. Orders over 120Euro have free shipping. Express overnight from the package shipped from us.  Delivered by DHL. The package is delivered to the door, the recipient must sign.


As a customer, you are obliged to monitor the status of your shipment. Tanstore.no is not responsible for the delivery of notification of arriving parcel. DHL returns unsecured packages

after its system after 14 days.

If you are not home at the agreed delivery time, do not pick up the goods or refuse to receive them, the goods will be returned to us and will be destroyed. You will not be refund in this case.

If your package is not delivered within the agreed time, you as a customer can set a reasonable additional deadline. Should this deadline be missed, you can cancel the purchase and get your money
back within 14 days.

Change of Address
You choose your own delivery address when you go to checkout. You also have the option to change the delivery address yourself before payment of the order or approval of invoice / partial payment.
We ship all packages to the shipping address stored on the order when we register your payment.

8. The risk of the item
The risk of the goods passes to the buyer when she, or her representative, has the goods delivered in accordance with item 6. The seller is responsible for the goods until it is delivered to the

9. Undo
The buyer may regret the purchase of the goods in accordance with the provisions of the Right of Cancellation Act. The right of withdrawal means that the buyer can return the goods to the seller
for no reason even if there is no defect.

The buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days after the item prescribed information about the right of withdrawal. If the buyer receives the repayment form
and the necessary information at a later date than when the goods are delivered, the withdrawal period starts from the day the buyer receives the repayment form and the information. If the buyer has not received sufficient information or a right of withdrawal,
the withdrawal period will still expire 3 months after the goods have been received. If the buyer has not been given information about the right of withdrawal at all, the deadline will be 1 year.

The message from the buyer to the seller about the use of the right of cancellation should be in writing for proof (cancellation form, e-mail, fax or letter. Our "Contact us" field can also be
used) and it must contain information on how the buyer will return the item to the seller. The buyer has to pay for the return of the item himself.

When using the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned to the seller within a reasonable time. The seller is obliged to repay the entire purchase price to the buyer within 14 days from the
day the seller receives the item or collection note or the item is placed at the seller's disposal. The Seller cannot set fees for the Buyer's use of the right of cancellation, but the Seller may require the Buyer to pay the cost of the return shipment.

The buyer can examine the product before he or she regrets the purchase. However, the item must be able to be returned to the seller in almost the same condition and quantity as it was when the
buyer received it. If possible, the buyer should return the item to the seller in the original packaging.

The Buyer has the right to return a used product as long as its use is limited and careful, unless the Seller repays only part of the sum depending on the use and value of the product due to the

The buyer cannot regret the purchase of goods which deteriorate rapidly, goods which by their nature cannot be returned where the seal is broken.

10. Examination of the item
If the item does not comply with the order or has defects, the buyer must notify the seller of a complaint, cf. clause 13 of the contract.

Unfortunately, we manually pack our packages so errors can happen. If the items you receive in the package do not match what you ordered, please contact us so that we can correct the error. If
we have sent you the wrong item, we appreciate you telling us what you received, preferably with pictures.

11. Complaint in the absence and deadline for reporting claims in the event of delay

If there is a defect in the item, the buyer must, within a reasonable time after he or she discovers it, notify the seller that he or she will invoke the defect. Our "Contact Us" field should be
used for this.

The time limit can never be shorter than two months from the time the consumer discovered the defect. Claims must nevertheless be made within two years of the buyer taking over the goods. If the
item or parts of it are intended to be significantly longer, the notice period is five years.

In case of delay, claims must be addressed to the seller within a reasonable time after the delivery time has come and the item has not been delivered.

If the item is paid by credit card, the buyer can also choose to advertise and send claims directly to credit cards (the credit card company).

The message to the seller or credit should be in writing (email, fax or letter).

12. Buyer's rights in the event of delay
The buyer must report claims to the seller in case of delay, cf. section 19 of the Consumer Purchase Act.

If the Buyer requires cancellation of purchases, cf. the Consumer Purchases Act §23, the amount the Buyer has paid will be paid to the account number sent to the Seller within 14 days after this
has been received.

We do our very best to deliver as quickly as possible at all times. Delivery time is usually 4-7 working days. On special days such as launches and black week, it may take some extra time.

Please note that we reserve the right to delay delays during periods of high demand at TanStore or at PostNord / Posten. The maximum delivery time is 3 weeks from the time your order was placed.
If your order has not been delivered within that time, you as a customer have the right to cancel the purchase at no charge, unless otherwise agreed.

If you have not received your parcel within 5 weeks, you as a customer are responsible for letting us know within 5 weeks of your order. Your order will be considered delivered after this time.

13. Buyer's rights in the event of a defect
If the item has a defect and this is not due to the buyer or circumstances on the part of the buyer, the buyer may, according to the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act, Chapter 6 withhold the purchase
price, choose between rectification and delivery, demand a discount, demand the agreement canceled and compensation from the seller.

14. Correction or redelivery
If the item has a defect, the buyer may require the seller to correct the defect or deliver the corresponding item. The seller may object to the buyer's claim if the execution of the claim is impossible
or incur unreasonable costs to the seller.

The seller must make the correction or delivery within a reasonable time. Correction or redelivery shall be made at no cost to the buyer, without risk of the buyer not being able to cover his expenses
and without material disadvantage to the buyer. The seller cannot make more than two attempts at rectification or redelivery for the same defect, unless special reasons exist that make further attempts reasonable.

Even if the buyer does not require a correction or delivery, the seller can offer a correction or delivery if this is done without delay. If the seller provides such correction or delivery, the
buyer cannot claim a discount or raise.

If the Buyer requires cancellation of purchases, cf. the Consumer Purchases Act §32, the amount the Buyer has paid will be paid to the account number sent to the Seller within 14 days after this
has been received.

15. The seller's rights in the event of the buyer's default
If the buyer fails to pay or fulfill the other obligations under the agreement and this is not due to the seller or circumstances on the part of the seller, the seller may, according to the rules
in the Consumer Purchase Act, chapter 10 withhold the goods, demand fulfillment of the agreement, demand the agreement terminated and compensation from the buyer . The seller may also, as the case may be, claim interest on late payment, collection fees and
fees for non-prepaid uncollected goods.

If the buyer does not pay, the seller can maintain the purchase and demand that the buyer pay the purchase price (fulfillment). If the item is not delivered, the seller loses sincerely if he waits
unreasonably long to promote the claim. In the event of a material payment default or other material breach by the buyer, the seller may cancel the agreement. However, the seller cannot withdraw after the purchase price has been paid.

The seller can also cancel the purchase if the buyer does not pay within a reasonable additional deadline for fulfillment as determined by the seller. However, the seller cannot raise while the
additional deadline is running, unless the buyer has stated that he or she will not pay.

The seller may claim compensation from the buyer for financial loss he or she suffers as a result of breach of contract by the buyer, cf. section 46 of the Consumer Purchase Act.

If the buyer fails to pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreement, the seller may claim interest on the purchase price in accordance with the interest on late payment. In the event
of non-payment, the claim may, after prior notice, be sent to debt collection, and the buyer can then be held liable for fees under the Debt Collection Act and other recovery of past due claims.

If the buyer fails to collect unpaid goods, the seller can charge the buyer with a fee of  29 Euro + return shipping. The fee shall cover at most the seller's actual outlay to deliver the item to
the buyer. 

16. Warranty
Warranty given by the seller or manufacturer gives the buyer rights in addition to the rights the buyer already has under mandatory law. A guarantee thus does not impose any restrictions on the
buyer's right to complaint and claims in the event of delay or defects in accordance with clauses 13 and 14. The seller follows the Consumer Testing Committee's decisions in the event of a dispute. Warranty provided by Seller only applies in Norway.

17. Privacy
When shopping at tanstore.no, we store names, addresses and e-mail addresses. This is information we need to deliver the goods to you as well as contact you about conditions related to your order.
If you want us to delete your contact information from orders after it has been received, you can contact us via the Contact Us page.

We do not keep credit card numbers with us, but with our payment partner Klarna.

We collect and use log data on which pages our customers visit. This is to ensure the quality of the customer experience, and to ensure that the online store is designed in the best possible way.

The website uses cookies.

Tanstore.no does not sell personal data to third parties. Third parties may only access personal information if required for a service they provide.

Tanstore.no's general manager is responsible for the processing of personal data.

18. Conflict Resolution
Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time, cf. points 7 and 9. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes in amicable terms. If this fails, the buyer can contact the
Consumer Council for mediation.

19. Age
You must be over 15 years of age to conduct a trade with us. If you deal with an invoice or part payment, the age limit is 18 years.


20. Shipping, Return and Vat


All orders are shipped with DHL Express. The delivery time will be 1-2 days after your package has been shipped. Your package will be shipped within 2 days of the order being completed on normal days.

The cost of shipping to all countries in Europe is 29 Euro.



We do NOT take any RESPONSIBLE fees required by customs for any reason. You may be charged a fee according to the VAT rate in your home country.


We do not accept anything in return.